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JULIA PEREZ - HUGE Collections- She have a Big Breast What about her risk about Breast CANCER??


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julia Perez Have A big Breast What about her risk about breast Cancer ??
How to reduce your risk about breast cancer if you have a big boobs??
She the article others from ezinearticles
How To Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer
By Jitesh Arora
for every disease there are some risk factors it is same with breast cancer. There are some risk factors which are not under the control of a person and some risk factors are those which depend on the life style of a person.

First I want to write about the factors which cannot be changed, if you are a woman your risk of getting breast cancer is automatically increased. Women are at a greater risk of getting breast cancer as the breast cells are persistently exposed to hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Men can also suffer from breast cancer but breast cancer in men is a very rare case.

Risk of breast cancer also increases with age. This is also one of the factor which a person can not control. If some gene changes are running in a family that means if the breast cancer is hereditary the chance of getting affected automatically increases without any control on it. If a woman is having cancer in one breast the chance of getting cancer in another breast or in another part of same breast increases. White women are at high risk of breast cancer than Asian women. If a women started menstruating in an early age or went through menopause in later age both of these conditions increase the risk of breast cancer. If a women has gone under radiation therapy in the area of chest because of treatment of other cancers are also at increased risk of breast cancer. Some pregnant women are given diethylstibestrol this is a drug which prevents miscarriage, but the women taking this drug are at increased risk of breast cancer.

Now lets have a look on the factors which can be controlled by changing our lifestyle. To know about these factors and lots of other diseases their prevention and treatment log on to

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here now i try to give you another best indonesian girls colections she is Kamidia Radisti MISS Indonesia 2007

Kamidia Radisti school Background:
TK Ruwabi, SDN Dr.Soetomo, SLTPN 12, SMU Trimurti, FE UNPAD '02
Kamidia Radistia born / lahir 23 Februari 1984 (Pisces Girl)
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Looking Fabulous – With Accessories!
by: Marion Chamberlain
Many women seem to have a "thing" for shoes, designer handbags, fancy scarves and high-end fashion jewelry. However, many women do not realize the powerful weaponry they have in their arsenal with these fashion accessories. Most women either buy pieces to go with a single outfit or to be a slave to a seasonal fashion trend. They rarely consider how the fashion accessory complements their appearance, whether it will go with other items in their wardrobe collection, how many uses they'll gain from the item and how many different ways they can wear the item.

My goal is to help you understand the important role your fashion accessories play in creating your "look" and how you can easily set yourself apart to emphasize your uniqueness. Yes, you heard me right – accessories are meant to play up on your individuality and uniqueness, which is, if we admit it or not, our true yearning as a woman. We want to be different and unique. Accessories can help you achieve this by bringing attention to your face, hiding those flaws you want to hide, or just making a statement about your individuality without your having to say a word.

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Ayu Anjani (Lasmini) What about Her.... ???? great!!!

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here the Huge collections about AYU anjani maybe the collections of the Huge ****** of Ayu Anjani .... what the Deferent??
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Here more bonus 4 u Some articles to you by ezinearticles
AYu Anjani have BIG BREAST and what about the health
Bra Cancer By Sydney Ross Singer

breast circulation, specifically the effect of bras on the lymphatic system.
It is the bloodstream's job to deliver fresh, oxygenated fluid to the tissues and to remove carbon dioxide. It is the lymphatic system's job to remove fluid, called lymph, from the tissue spaces, along with debris, viruses, cancer cells, bacteria, toxins, and other unwanted material. The lymphatic system consists of microscopic vessels that originate in the tissue space and lead to larger, but still tiny, vessels that ultimately enter a lymph node. These nodes are bean-sized filters lined by white blood cells. Most of the breast's lymph nodes are in the armpit. If the nodes detect a virus, cancer cell, or other foreign or hazardous substance in the tissue fluid, they begin an immune response of producing white blood cells to combat the problem. Once through the lymph node the fluid works its way through larger lymphatic vessels back to the heart and the bloodstream.

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Rianti Cartwright Best Huge Rianti CartwrightCollections Special For You

Rianti Cartwright Was Born at Bandung, 22 September 1983
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A Look at Stage 4 Breast Cancer
By Fran Mullens Platinum
Life saving early detection is the key to breast caner survival. Survival of Stage 4 breast cancer is significantly lower than if it is detected at earlier stages.

Breast cancer when it has advanced can spread to other tissue through out the body. This can include lung tissue, the liver, the brain and bone tissue. When breast cancer is first identified at Stage 4 it has inundated the body's own ability to fight off the disease in order for it to have spread this far. According to the American Cancer Society when the disease is diagnosed this far advanced the 5 year survival rate may drop as much as sixteen to twenty percent.