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Samsara Model - Caroline Get Huge Picture

Weight 52kg
Height 168cm
VM 34/27/33
Dress Size M
Age April 1985

1. Jifest Presenter - Jak TV
2. Continuity Presenter - Lativi
3. Exploring Imlek Presenter - TV7

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Oil gas ,cancer,Great,community

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The Sexy Model "Dessy" Cute

Dessy Cute Sexy Model

cancer love friendship

How to Encourage Home Party Attendance

There is nothing more discouraging in direct sales than hosting a home party and having no one show up. Many times direct sellers avoid home parties all together for this reason.

As a direct seller you are either throwing a home party for your friends and family, or working with a customer who wants to host a home party for her friends and family.

Here are 5 tips that will work to encourage home party attendance no matter who is hosting the party.

1. Avoid having home parties on weeknights. Most women work early weekdays, and their kids need to be in bed early for school on weeknights. This is an easy excuse for moms not to attend a home party held on a weeknight. It also may be harder to find a sitter on these nights if the other parent in unavailable. Better choices are Friday nights, Saturday days and nights, and Sunday afternoon.

2. Hire a local babysitter to watch guests' children in another room during the party. If you announce ahead of time children are welcome and they will be supervised on premises, it is hard for a mom to say no.

3. Serve food and beverages. Do not go overboard, but food and drinks are always more appealing to guests. You may want to write on invitations that refreshments will be served. Believe it or not, after the party is over the one thing women remember is the food!

4. Make a note on your invitations that whichever guest brings the most friends to the party receives a prize or a specific credit amount that can be used on purchases during the party. This incentive with not only help bring your invited guests to the party, but you can also gain some extra guests as well. You may also want to give all 'friends of guests' a little gift or discount for attending.

5. Host a theme party. Margarita and wine parties are becoming increasingly popular and can turn into a fun mom's night out. Make sure to also have non-alcoholic "fun" beverages for guests who do not drink so no one will feel feel out of place.

Though these tips can help increase your home party attendance, a successful home party is not always measured by the number of people that attend.

You may have 20 people show up at your party and make 2 small sales, or you could have 2 people show up and make 2 large purchases. Home parties are supposed to be fun, and in general, the more fun an individual is having at a party the more likely they are to spend money on your products, and return to another party at a later date.

Give these 5 tips a try before hosting your next home party. Remember, no matter how many guests do show up, just make sure to show them a good time, and you are sure to be successful!

Stefanie Fauquet is the owner of http://www.workathomemomonline.com, a website devoted to helping moms make more money in direct sales. For more tips on hosting successful home parties visit http://www.workathomemomonline.com/home-parties.html

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stefanie_Fauquet

Pic and image from Nana & Naysilla Mirdad Hot Cancer

This is a Collections from Nana & Naysilla Mirdad
here the collections Click The images for The big Pictures
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Naysila Mirdad or a familiar disapa Nay (born in Jakarta, 23 May 1988; age 20 years) is a nation of Indonesia. Naysila is the third daughter of the couple artist Jamal Mirdad and Lydia Kandou. Naysila the Protestant religious start a career in the entertainment world in 2005 by patron pendant with the sisters who also Nana Mirdad example. Since that bid on any other patron.


* Indy as a pendant
* Get flowers as flowers
* Intan as Intan
* Most of Love
* Melody as Melody
* C as C
* Aqso & Madina as Risma


* Tujuhbelasan parcel (together with Ihsan and Glenn Alinskie


* Sozzis
* Economic White Kutani

Gallery Picture Of Naysila Mirdad

Naysila Mirdad appear side

Naysila Mirdad style

Naysila Mirdad and Dude Herlino

Naysila Mirdad with pink dress

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Indonesian Models 2007 Hot , Lingerie

This is Models 2007 Part 1 check this out

Bonus Free Articles From By Pushpa Pal Singh
- Break The Silence And Be An Absolute Stunner

What is the biggest problem most guys have on a date? Well it's simply how to initiate that very first conversation with a random female or a potential date. You might plan on talking about tones of things but sometimes when the moment comes you go blank in the mind and face awkward silence. This silence is something which would give the wrong impression to her and she would kind of feel awkward herself. Read on to find out some of the best conversation openers of all time.

You like this place? - One of the best ways to start almost any sort of conversation with a girl. Sometimes she might answer you in a simple yes but you should take over and start talking about how much you have been to this place before and what you normally enjoy when it comes to food or drinks and ask her if she has tried the same. Remember the best way to keep the conversation going is to ask her questions.

Target her- Take a good at what she is wearing or maybe just her appearance. Compliment her a bit on the way she looks and carry on the conversation from there. Remember once you give someone an honest compliment you get their instant attention and they get more interested in listening to you.

Cute -Fresh Pictures Aryani Fitriana Gadis sampul 2002

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indonesianoil gas

aryani fitriana
And Free Articles for you
FM Transmitter - Play All Your Music in Your Car
By Shawn Shearer

You’re tired of those cables tangled around your console, your stick shift, or your emergency brake. But you’re not ready or able to put a whole new deck into your car. Or you already sacrificed mega-bucks for your neat iPod or MP3 player. You now drive around with earplugs in your ears listening to your chosen tunes.

Well, driving around like that opens an entirely different matter of the “never do that" subject, but I’ll stay away from that for now.

The Why's

Wires swimming around in your vehicle is a hassle and a nightmare while driving. Many cars still have only a cassette player in the deck - like my 2003 car.

I look at these new decks and think, I just don’t need all that. I don’t have an iPod or an MP3 player. I do have a flash drive so I don’t have to send my stuff from my computer to my laptop by e-mail, or through a floppy disc or CD. As far as music, well, as K said when a tiny new music disc was introduced in “Men in Black” - “Guess I’ll have to buy the White Album again”.

I’ve lived through vinyl records, 8-tracks, cassettes, and CDs. Frankly, I’m tired of having to download, reload, upload, re-record, and re-purchase things I already have. Yeah, the technology keeps getting better and as a classical musician, I do admit I like the increasing clarity.

But, why can’t I have that without having to purchase yet another gadget that is well into the hundreds of dollars? Well, I can.

The Hows

For those like me, and for those who have the newer gadgets, like MP3 players, SD cards, and thumb drives, there are FM transmitters. These things are pretty cool. They just plug into your power portal (in the past, these were called cigarette lighters, but those are becoming extinct, too).

You tune into an FM channel, then hook up to a device, like a CD player or MP3 player. It then plays through your car stereo system. Simple. No more wires flopping around.

There are a variety of different kinds. They are usually small and stealthy. Most have outputs for a CD player and a one-eighth inch audio plug. Some have iPod, and MP3 connections. Some have connections for your flash drive, DVD player, and SD cards. Some have Bluetooth capabilities. Some are fancy with LED displays. And they won’t be another major investment, unless you want them to.

The Benefits

I tend to be resistant when I’m happy with what I’ve got. I don’t dash out and buy the newest gadget. I remember the short war between VHS and Beta. A lot of people got stuck with video players they couldn’t use. I like to see what will stick. What will hold up. When I see something that’s passed the tests, then maybe I’ll buy, if it will greatly benefit my life.

I love to drive and I do a bit a traveling. Switching to FM transmitter use lets me dig in my heels a little longer and move forward at the same time. Mostly it makes it easy for me to have as much music as I want on the road.

So, there is compromise. I don’t have to keep starting over. I can keep using the players I have. You can, too. Well, at least until they become obsolete and are too old and incompatible.

I wonder how many times I’m going to have to buy “The White Album”?

Shawn is the editor for Sewell Direct.com, an online PC accessories retailer where you can a super cool FM transmitter,

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another Yeyen and Revalina Pictures and Photos at 4mata

Another Yeyen LYDIA and Revalina S TEMAT Pictures

Another Yeyen and Revalina Pictures,See More Picture just click images behind and enjoy the photo gallery about that artist

Another Yeyen and Revalina Pictures,See More Picture just click images behind and enjoy the photo gallery about that artist
Another Yeyen and Revalina Pictures,See More Picture just click images behind and enjoy the photo gallery about that artist