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Acha Septriasa profile biography

acha septriasa
acha septriasa

Acha Septriasa She is Cute Girls

Acha Septriasa was born on September 1, 1989 . Jelita Septriasa is her real name, role in "apa artinya cinta, heart". She is 2004 Gadis Sampul Finalist.

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Women and Cancer Risk Factors
By Carolyn Bell Smith

Experts are expecting 178,000 women to be diagnosed with large-scale breast cancer and 62,000 of locally confined cancer. This is the prediction, however do not stand by and wait and see what will happen. No, all precaution must be taken seriously. Know the risk factors; some may appear uncontrollable but others are.

The very first factor of developing breast cancer is being female followed by advancing age. This type of cancer develops in seventy-five percent of women over the age of fifty.

Get to know how your breasts look and feel at a very early age giving the opportunity to notice any changes such as dimpling, skin redness, lumps, or thickening tissue. Any of these changes should be reported to your health care provider immediately. The health care provider will look for these changes clinically about every three years in your twenties and thirties and then annual mammograms after forty.

Although mammography screenings detect the disease in its early stage and reduce the mortality rate, it's not sensitive enough to detect abnormalities in dense breast tissue. For that reason, women over forty years of age with high risk of cancer and those with dense breast tissue should have a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well as the mammograms.

*This was recommended by the American Cancer Society in March 2007 of women with twenty to twenty-five percent or greater risk of breast cancer or ovarian and other form of cancer.

Now back to the risk factors, two have been named, sex and age. Next is family history. The risk is high if someone in your family was diagnosed with cancer before menopause or age fifty. If that someone is a mother, sister or daughter the risk doubles. But only five to ten percent of breast cancers are linked to inherited changes. These suspected inherited changes are mutations in certain genes which have been linked to breast, ovarian and colon cancers.

Find out about your family history, talk to relatives and if there is a strong family history, genetic testing may be in order. Talk to your health care provider about your family genetic make-up there could be clinical trials or other preventive methods available for high risk women. Studies have shown a fifty percent reduction in chemoprevention. Of course this involves an estrogen inhibiting drug (tamoxifen).

If breast cancer has occurred, the risk is great for reoccurring cancer in other breast tissue. Although some conditions were benign there is still a risk of breast cancer at a later time, such as atypical hyperplasia (an over growth of cells in the breast ducts), and dense breast is a factor as well.

Take charge of your health; be observant of your environment and lifestyle. Stay away from pesticides and hazardous chemicals even household products. Watch your lifestyle, diet, weight, excessive alcohol and other unhealthy habits that maybe a breast cancer risk.

Start in your early twenties and observe your body, notice any changes, read articles concerning breast cancer, know your family history, and talk to your health care provider and asking questions. Be vigilant about breast screening; if you are at high risk ask for a MRI along with your mammograms.

Carolyn Bell Smith, committed to help others improve their health, lifestyle, fight sickness, disease, and building a strong immune system. Author and creator, Healthy LifeStyle and More, and Lifestyle Tips Newsletter yourhealthrenewed

Laudya Chintya Bella

Ayu Shita

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Tamara Blezynski HOT Picture

tamara foto

tamara cantik

tamara cantik

tamara cantik

Here Tamara blezinsky hot picture

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A lot of women end up their careers as being a plain housewife. This happens especially in Asia, where husbands are highly respected in the family hierarchy.

Now as things have change, women prefer being a housewife without sacrificing their potentials. Women like to work in the office, becoming a freelance, or running a business and a home at the same time.

For these women, being a freelance or running a home business is a good choice, because they can have the flexibility to manage their time, they can choose when to work and to stop. They can work from home most of the time.

Being freelance or business women make them have an opportunity to earn money, doing what they like the most by running their hobbies professionally.

There are some reasons why women prefer to work than just being a plain housewife:

Women like to express themselves. They need to be recognized that they can do something important for the family.

Women want to take part in family earning. They want to help their spouses in order to fulfill the family needs.

Women want to have a safety belt for the family. Although their husbands can earn much, it does not mean that there is no threats. Husbands can get fired at any time, business can be in danger. That is why if women can earn money themselves, they can support their husbands by being the safety belt.

Women want to feel secure themselves. It is a fact that many marriages failed by all reasons. Being independent financially can secure women when their marriages do not work out anymore.

Some women are well known as a money spender. By experiencing the difficulties of earning money, women can understand that it is unwise to spend their husbands' earnings on unnecessary things or luxurious items. Working women usually become wiser in managing money.

From those points above, it is recommended to have your spouse working. It will bring a lot of good things for the whole family, as long as they can put the family on the top priority.

What should always be remembered is that they are working not to compete with their spouses but to support each other in building family wealth.

Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea olivia
Chelsea olivia

Chelsea olivia indonesian artist
she also as a pop stars in BBB

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Cynthiara Alona

While Cynthiara Alona was studying for her business/economy degree in Singapore she decided to put into practice what she was learning:

In whatever business venture you undertake, it is essential to capitalize on your assets via effective marketing to a mainstream audience in order to ensure a healthy income stream.

>Econ 401

From there the modeling career of this incredibly talented young lady really took off, and she has continued to gain work in Jakarta’s highly competitive modeling industry.

Business accomplished.

Luna Maya In Jakarta Under Cover

Apart from experiencing it yourself, the next best way to get a glimpse of the tantalizing delights on offer in sin city Jakarta might be to watch the new film “Jakarta Undercover”.

Directed by Erwin Arnada – who is also on the editorial board of Playboy Indonesia – the film is being released under the Velvet Media group on 22 March 2007.

Adapted from the steamy book written by Moammar Emka, the film focuses on just one of the stories in the book: the life of a striptease artist who has an autistic sibling.

And who plays the role of the striptease artist in the film you ask yourself?

Well, none other than the Austrian-Balinese sex-bomb, Luna Maya.

Now if that ain’t a reason to see the film I don’t know what is.

At all good cinemas near you now!

Luna Maya Picture gambar
The luscious Luna Maya ain’t afraid to strip off

Celebrity Indonesia Lenna Tan: feline grace

Lenna Tan is the presenter of Insert Pagi, a popular Indonesian TV show that features all the latest celebrity gossip. You can catch the show every weekday morning at 7.00 on Trans TV.

Lena Tan PictureA beautiful woman, who with her feline features – just look at those eyes! - always appears ready to pounce.

But Lenna hasn’t always been a big cat. Because until fairly recently you could say she was just a little pussy. As shown by her appearance as the flirtatious model in the popular quiz show The Price is Right.

Lena tan Picture Gambar
Yet Lenna must nonetheless rank as one of the hottest Chinese Indonesian models today. But is she the best yet?

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Joana is My Favorite actress
Joana "Lewat Tengah malam Movie"

You may or may not know the name Joanna Alexandra.
But if you live in Indonesia you’d almost certainly recognize her face.

Joanna AlexandraAnd that’s cos she starred in a frequently shown TV ad for Ponds whitening cream in which she has to make a choice between two men. You know the one that I mean, right?

Then at the tender age of 19, while still a law student at the prestigious University of Indonesia, she released her bombshell: a stunning photo spread in the second and now legendary issue of Playboy Indonesia.
Joanna Alexandra11 exquisite photos that delighted connoisseurs of Indonesian beauty yet which, at the same time, outraged the seething fanatics who have a perverse aversion to all the best things in life.

So mad were they that besides Playboy’s editor Erwin Arnada, the fanatics also reported lovely Joanna and one of the other featured Indonesian models Fla Priscilla to the authorities for supposedly “violating public morals”. While still threatening the use of violence to get their point across. Obviously.

The second edition of Playboy Indonesia is also remarkable in that it is, as far as I know, the only widely circulated issue of any magazine to be printed in Indonesia without any advertisements: the advertisers had all pulled out, cowering to the threats of the religious loonies. Pages left blank where there should have been ads for watches, handphones, cars, cigarettes etc.
But in a memorable editorial, Erwin Arnada remained defiant:
“Nama Playboy menjadi sesuatu yang sangat penting dan tak mungkin diubah” (the Playboy name is something which is very important and which cannot possibly be changed

Annisa Tri Hapsari: married a younger boy

But even after the heartbreak of divorce, many of Indonesia’s sexy celebrities quickly find a new spouse.

And some much quicker than others.

Like sexy mother of four titi dj who after unceremoniously dumping her bule husband quickly tied the nuptial knot with a young tattoo-covered Indonesian rocker.

And why not? After all, you are only as young as you feel – or, indeed, only as young as the one that you feel.

Something that Annisa Tri Hapsari quickly came to realize during her marriage to the aging Adjie Pangestu.

His replacement? Sultan Djorghi, who comes in a good 10 years younger than the lovely Annisa.

Annisa Tri Hapsari

Julia perez and????

Julia Perez in all her guises

Reason is a whore, surviving by simulation, versatility, and shamelessness.
>Emile M. Cioran

Indonesia’s Julia Perez never ceases to amaze. And in whatever guise she takes – from Student to Mechanic, and even to unashamed Lesbian and, of course, Lifeguard – she is guaranteed to turn heads.


Julia Perez the Mechanic

julia perezJulia Perez the Student

julia peres
Indonesia’s northernmost province of Aceh is the only Indonesian province - so far at least - to have imposed Sharia Law.

Here an act as innocuous as a loving kiss can land you in severe trouble...

... and you can even get arrested for just being in a car with the “wrong person”!

No wonder then that more and more Acehnese babes decide to leave their homeland and head for the bright lights of metropolitan Jakarta, where they can cast aside their headscarves and long loose dresses for something a little more revealing.

Chicks like the gorgeous soap opera actress Nova Eliza.

A strong critic of polygamy – the law in Indonesia allows men to have up to four wives at a time – she is no stranger to controversy herself however after a series of wild flings with a number of well known public figures including DJ Riri and Zumi Zola.

Nova elisa gambar

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Shireen Sungkar

Cinta Fitri Images

Name: Shireen Sungkar
Birthday: 28 Januari 1992
School: SMA Tirta
Achievement: Finalis gadis Sampul 2006
Bukan Diriku-2006-SinemArt
Perempuan teraniaya-2006-Milennium Visitama
Legenda "Lutung Kasarung"-2007-MD Entertainment
Cinta Fitri-2007-MD Entertainment

Shireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar Images
Shireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar Images
Shireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar Images
Shireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar Images
Cinta Fitri ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar ImagesShireen Sungkar Images